Trucking Accident Lawsuit Settles for Four Million

A trucking accident lawsuit has been settled in connection with a 2007 trucking accident that resulted in the death of a couple. The trucking accident occurred when a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and struck an Illinois woman’s vehicle, causing a chain reaction in which the couple was killed along with the Illinois driver. The case required the jury to decide what damages couple’s sons should receive, because the trucking company conceded liability early on in the wrongful death lawsuit. The jury awarded $4 million to the couple’s sons. To read more about this trucking accident settlement, please click on the hyperlink.

According to Trans Scan, almost half of long-distance truck drivers interviewed admitted to nodding off at the wheel at some point in their career and about twenty percent of all truck-drivers interviewed reported either an accident or near accident due to nodding off at the wheel. Given these high statistics and the extreme danger caused by fatigued truck drivers, it is important for trucking companies to enforce maximum driving hours and have safeguards in place to help keep tired drivers off the road. In addition to the horrible accidents that can result from tired drivers, trucking companies have added incentive to keep their drivers alert because the companies can be held liable for accidents that are caused by their drivers.

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