Trucking Accident Victim’s Family Settles

The family of the victim of a trucking accident has settled their wrongful death lawsuit. The trucking accident occurred almost two years ago when a dump truck crossed the center line of the highway it was traveling on and crashed into a school bus, killing one teenager and injuring 10 other children. The lawsuit alleged that the dump truck driving was driving too fast on a curve, which caused the tragic trucking accident. According to the KY Post, the state lowered the speed limit by ten miles per hour following this accident as well as another fatal accident that occurred less than one month later. To read more about this trucking accident, click on this link.

Recently, a increase in the speed limit for truckers has been put into effect, with the intention that allowing trucks to travel at the same speed as other vehicles would be safer overall for all of the drivers. This law has been very controversial because while the uniform speed could have benefits, allowing large trucks to be traveling at a faster rate of speed could easily be very dangerous as well. While the law is new, it just went into effect at the beginning on this year, it is difficult to determine what the actual result will be. To read more about this new law and the different views on its enactment, please click on this link.

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