Trucking Carrier Shut Down by FMCSA for Violations

Earlier today, a Chicago truck accident lawyer at our firm learned that a trucking carrier has been shut down by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration shortly after being deemed an “imminent hazard” to the safety of the traveling public. After extensive review and subsequent investigation conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration it was revealed that the trucking company had violated several federal safety violations. These violations ranged from using drivers who did not maintain valid commercial large commercial vehicle driver’s licenses, as well as, using drivers who failed to meet the federal English-proficiency requirements.

The news report detailing the carrier’s shut down, found on Indianapolis Business Journal Online, further revealed that a number of the trucking carrier’s drivers may ultimately face civil penalties, as well as, driver disqualification for their numerous safety violations. Prior to the company’s shut down by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, local authorities had conducted a total of 26 roadside inspections of the company’s large commercial vehicles between November 3 and January 27. Of those inspections, the trucking carrier’s drivers received citations 21 times for not being proficient in English, 12 times for not having a commercial vehicle driver’s license, 10 times for exceeding vehicle weight limits, in addition to, 8 times for exceeding tire-weight limits.

Overall, our Chicago trucking accident attorneys learned that trucking carrier continued to operate and violate the same regulations despite receiving numerous warnings. The carrier will ultimately face severe fines of up to $16,000 per day if they continue operate — post the declaration of the company by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as an “imminent harm” to the general public. However, the company is allowed to resume business, if and only if, they correct the various issues at hand and develop a strict compliance plan with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Any Chicago truck accident attorney will tell you that semi truck rules and regulations are established by both the federal and state government to ensure the safety of our roadways. These rules are enacted to prevent the thousands of injuries and fatalities that ensue each year as a direct result of trucking accidents. These regulations require that large commercial vehicle drivers adhere to a minimum standard of care when operating their commercial vehicle. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a large commercial vehicle driver standard of care is defined as the prevention of accidents by anticipating hazardous situations and adjusting driving behavior to compensate. Any violation of this standard may be grounds for negligence if an accident ensues.

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