Two Babies Killed in Truck Accident

When handling legal affairs following tragic accidents, our Chicago truck accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti have witnessed many heartbreaking examples of families suffering unspeakable losses. In particular, the most gut-wrenching vehicle crashes involve young children. Severe injury or death to children seems the most terrible consequences of some vehicle crashes.

The Associated Press reported last night on a truck crash that took the lives of two young babies. The crash was a chain-reaction collision on an Arizona highway.

Traffic had slowed somewhat after a minor fender-bender crash. An unidentified car cut-off a minivan in order to get a look at the minor crash. That caused the minivan to break quickly to avoid hitting the minivan. A small sedan which was traveling behind the minivan was unable to slow in time; it hit the minivan. The sedan was driven by a female driver, had a female passenger, and two babies were in the backseat-a 13 month old girl and 3 week old boy. A large tanker was behind the sedan, and it slammed into the sedan following the first impact.

The tanker overturned in the collision, but the driver was unhurt. However, the driver of the sedan and the two children in the backseat were rushed to the hospital in critical condition after the incident. The driver, believed to be the mother, remains in critical condition. The two babies did not survive.

Highway accidents often involve the most severe injuries because of the speed and size of vehicles using the roadway. The most dangerous portions of the highway are those where traffic has slowed-such as following minor accidents.

Our heart-felt thoughts and prayers go out to all the victims of this tragedy.

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