Two Fatalities Result in Semi Truck Accident

Recently, our Illinois trucking accident attorneys read a report on detailing a semi truck accident that left two people dead. This accident was caused by semi truck’s failure to heed to posted speed work zone speed limits. Due to construction being done on the highway’s bridge, traffic had begun to slow down. Local authorities state that one of the semi trucks rear-ended the other because he was unaware that traffic had started to slow down. The semi truck that was hit collided with the semi truck in front of it. The driver and the passenger of the semi truck that caused the initial collision were pronounced dead at the scene. The collision caused the initial truck’s cargo of metal and fence posts to expel onto the road. The other two drivers remained unharmed and authorities state that neither drugs nor alcohol played a role in this accident.

A State Trooper who was on the scene stated that they are continuously seeing accidents as a result of a failure to abide by work zone related speed limits. In the United States, there was a reported 159 work zone related crashes involving large trucks – with 12 of those accidents occurring in the state of Illinois. While most fatal crashes only involve one vehicle, the majority of large truck fatal crashes occurring in work zones involve two of more vehicles – according to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

According to, almost one third of work zone fatal crashes involve large trucks. Drivers of passenger vehicles must remain alert when driving near semi trucks through work or construction zones. Road Safe America provides some great tips to avoid a work zone related accident. Drivers should always slow down when approaching a work zone, follow posted work zone speed limits, as well as, refraining from resuming to normal speed until you clear the construction. In addition, always leave plenty of room between you and another vehicle — especially if it is a semi truck.

Our Chicago accident attorneys recognize the increasing problem that is resulting from work zone related accidents cause by semi trucks. A semi truck’s failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident can result in devastating consequences for all vehicles involved. If a semi truck driver’s negligence ultimately causes and injury or even a fatality, legal action may be sought. Contact an Illinois injury attorney if you or someone you know has sustained serious harm as the result of a semi truck accident to find out what legal rights may be available to you.

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