Two Illinois Women Killed in Rural Truck Crash

The Morris Daily Herald reported this week on a truck accident that killed a mother and her daughter. The Illinois truck crash occurred on Town Line Road, just south of Interstate 80 in Marseilles, Illinois.

Shortly after noon on Wednesday, a 69-year old driver and her 45 year old daughter, both Ottawa residents, were traveling on the county highway. They were headed eastbound on Morris Road while a semi-trailer was headed south on Town Line Road. Traffic on Town Line Road has the right of way at the intersection of those two roads. Rumble strips and stop signs are placed on Morris Road to warn travelers that they need to stop before proceeding across.

Unfortunately, the car and the semi-trailer collided at the intersection. The truck was driven across a ditch and partially on the yard of a home near the road. The car was demolished in the accident and both women were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are investigating whether the traffic lights were working at the time of the accident. Authorities admit that the intersection is dangerous. Several years ago two men were killed in a collision very similar to the one that struck last week.

Hopefully all drivers know that all traffic signs must be obeyed intimately. Stop signs in particular can never be ignored. At stop signs in rural, unpopulated areas it is often tempting to perform only a partial yield or fail to stop all together, because it is assumed that if a driver does not see any other vehicles around than there must not be any risk to driving through. However, while behind the wheel our perceptions are never flawless. We often glance around the road so quickly and casually that we subconsciously feel that the road is empty, when in reality another vehicle is actually barreling down.

Our Chicago truck accident attorneys at Levin & Perconti offer sincere condolences to the victims in this tragedy and urge drivers throughout the state not to take any risk while on the road. The consequences of being on the wrong side of that risk are too great.

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