Two Sustain Injuries in Semi Truck Collision

Our Chicago semi-truck accident attorneys recently read a report on about a devastating car-semi accident which sent two individuals to the hospital. It was reported earlier this morning that the collision occurred at the intersection of Ohio 65 and State Route 12 when the automobile driver failed to yield at the intersection, ultimately causing a collision with the oncoming semi-truck. The semi-truck overturned upon impact, causing its cargo of corn to be expelled onto the highway – subsequently shutting down the road for over four hours. Both victims were hospitalized and are currently listed in fair condition.

Unfortunately, these sort of automobile-semi truck collisions occur almost every day in the United States. Highways have proven to be a dangerous breeding ground for accidents as a result of careless driving. Most frequently these accidents are a result of the negligence of a semi-truck driver, but in this case, this was the result of an automobile. Safe driving should always be a priority for all drivers – no matter which type of vehicle they are operating. Nationwide, a notable car insurance agency, provides helpful tips for avoiding car accidents. The agency recommends that all drivers: avoid using their cell phones during while driving, avoid driving while tired, and always use caution when changing lanes and/or entering an intersection.

Most accidents occur as a result of cutting in front of other vehicles, failure to use turn signals, or even changing lanes too rapidly. Automobile drivers should always consider the fact that semi-truck drivers are unable to brake as quickly as cars can. With that considered, if an automobile cuts off a semi truck driver, it takes the semi twice as long to brake – consequently almost always causing an accident. According to the Illinois Crash Data Report (2005-2009), there were over 9,300 reported accidents that resulted from a collision with a tractor-trailer in 2009 alone. Of those 9,300 accidents, 1,600 resulted in injuries and 62 proved fatal.

Our Illinois accident attorneys continue to encourage safe driving practices for all drivers. Injuries and fatalities can be easily avoided when drivers respect each other and share the road. Regrettably, many times there are unforeseeable, as well as, unpredictable accidents that occur. Accident victims who incur serious harm as a result of an automobile collision may be able to seek legal relief for damages incurred.

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