Two Teenagers Killed in Illinois Trucking Accident

On April 14th two North Aurora teens were killed in a fatal accident involving their passenger car and a garbage truck. According to the Chicago Tribune, the trucking accident occurred on Illinois Highway 47 in the early afternoon near Waubonsee Community College. According to the truck driver the accident happened when he was driving on IL 47 and the passenger car turned into a driveway in front of his truck. Aside from the two teenagers that were killed in the crash, a man was also injured. It is unknown if this was the truck driver or another person that was in the passenger car. To read more about this tragic accident, please click on the link.

Unfortunately teenage drivers are the age group with the highest fatal crash rates as well as the highest traffic violation rates. Several of the factors that are believed to contribute to the high number of teenage accidents is that teenagers are the most likely to take risks, to have a low risk perception, to have poor hazard detection, to lack driving skill and to be distracted while driving. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles website, in 2008 there were 164 fatalities in the state of Illinois that were either teenage drivers, passengers of teenage drivers, or people that were killed as a result of a teenage driver. One way to helpfully lower these statistics is to impose stricter driving rules and driving education for teenage drivers and with that hopefully there will be less of these tragic teenage trucking accident.

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