UPS Driver Hits Pedestrian in Evanston Accident

With the holiday season just wrapping up, our postal and delivery workers have been especially busy. A significant amount of packages are delivered this time of year, and these workers may be working much longer hours than normal or working much more frequently. Since a major facet of the postal services, both government and private, is to make deliveries to residences, these workers are on the road in great frequency during the holiday season. However, even though this season may be more stressful for these employees and require more work, this does not mean that the drivers should be more lax in their driving. Just like all drivers on the road, it is the legal duty of these individuals to practice safe driving when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

According to a recent report by CBS, a United Parcel Service driver hit a pedestrian in Evanston. The pedestrian was walking across Ashland Avenue in the early evening and was struck by the UPS truck that had just turned onto the street. According to Evanston police, the pedestrian had to be extricated from beneath the truck. The individual was then transported to Evanston-NorthShore University Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The accident is still under investigation.

Pedestrian accidents are extremely dangerous and often result in serious personal injuries or even death. This is because vehicles differ greatly in mass and speed as compared to a person walking out in the open and not shielded by a vehicle. When individuals do survive such accidents they may sustain injuries that are severe, permanent, and life altering. For instance, some injuries may include injuries to vital areas of the body like the head and neck, damage to the spinal cord or nerve damage, broken or dislocated bones, lost use of a limb, or even a complete loss of a limb.

Our law firm knows how devastating these accidents can be and have assisted pedestrian accident victims and their families in the past through legal representation. In one case, we helped a family obtain a $10 million settlement for their 5-year-old who was run over by a City of Chicago Fire Department truck while playing in an open fire hydrant on the Fourth of July. The accident resulted in the loss of his leg and half of his pelvis.

Our lawyers understand that after a pedestrian accident occurs, victim wants to get their life back to normal, or as normal as it can get with life-threatening injuries, as soon as possible. This includes getting medical bills paid and covered, ensuring there is no financial loss from missed work, etc. In a free consultation, our attorneys can discuss your situation and go over legal options available to you. Through a pedestrian accident lawsuit, you can hold negligent and reckless parties accountable and obtain compensation for injuries, financial loss, and emotional suffering that you would not have had to endure but for the accident. Call us today, we may be able to help you with your potential case.

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