Video Footage of Train and Fire Truck Accident

Videotape has been released showing the trucking accident in which an Amtrak train crashed into a fire truck. This accident occurred while the train was traveling to Chicago on March 1st and a fire truck was stopped on the train tracks. According to NBC‘s website, the fire truck and a police car were in the area because they were responding to another trucking accident that had occurred in the area. The videotape shows that that a warning siren went off before the crash occurred and that the police car was moved just in time to avoid the accident. While luckily no one suffered any serious personal injuries as a result of this accident, an investigation is underway as to why the firefighters parked the truck on the train tracks instead of somewhere else in the close area.

It is important for safety and emergency vehicles to be careful and aware when dealing with other drivers in the same way that any passenger vehicle driver would. Emergency vehicles should make sure they are stopped in a spot that is not directly in the way of other vehicles that will not be able to avoid an accident. Emergency vehicles can obstruct traffic when they need to park somewhere to get to an emergency but should always try to stop in the safest spot that they can, given the situation. In this case, little information is known as to why the firefighters chose to stop on the tracks directly rather than somewhere else nearby, but it is likely that less destruction would have occurred had they parked the fire truck off the tracks. To read more about this trucking crash and the ongoing investigation, please click on the link.

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