Washington County Truck Accident Leaves One Dead

As our readers are aware, when drivers get behind the wheel of a vehicle, they are taking responsibility for others on the road. In tort law – the area of the law that covers personal injury lawsuits – we have what is known as a legal “duty of care” to others around us. We are seen to have breached this legal duty when we are the cause of an injury. For instance, where a driver is being reckless or negligence, such as through excessive speeding or talking on the phone while driving, a court can find that driver negligent and hold the driver legally accountable for the injuries suffered by the victims.

According to reports by KFVS 12, a two-vehicle crash occurred in Washington County, Illinois near Addieville. The accident occurred near State Route 177 and Covington Road. One woman, from Nashville, Illinois, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by the Washington County coroner. The coroner reported that the victim was driving north on Covington Road, ran through a stop sign,, and hit a westbound tractor trailer. Police have elaborated saying that traffic on this road is required to stop at Illinois Route 177 because it is a “through roadway.”

When the driver failed to stop her car at the intersection stop sign, she hit the left side of a refrigerated box trailer attached to the truck. As a result of the collision, the impact ruptured the refrigeration fuel tank. This caused the trailer to catch on fire.

This accident is still under investigation by authorities. They have indicated, however, that they will be performing a toxicology testing.

Some of our readers may have heard of “toxicology testing” previously, while understandably, some may be new to the subject. To fill everyone in, toxicology is a forensic study to test for drugs or alcohol. According to CrimeMuseum.org, this testing is most often done to test for drugs in athletes or job applicants, and can also be used to test for alcohol for drivers who are suspected to have driven under the influence. These tests can be done to determine if a person system’s contained a certain substance and how much of the substance. In this accident case, the person authorities wish to be tested for toxic substances died behind the wheel in this crash. However, it is possible for examiners to conduct postmortem toxicology testing in which they test samples taken from the deceased. While difficult, an examiner can take blood and liver samples from the victim’s body to test for alcohol. Interestingly, this testing can evaluate the cause of death, especially in cases where intoxication led to a collision. For instance, experts have found that the “vitreous humor” is more reliable than “ante mortem BAC levels” because the alcohol content will not change even after death. In this way, they can determine negligence and fault, even where a fatality has occurred.

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